Heading Into Spring with More Biomedical Device Tradeshows – Will We See You There?

While much of the country has been gripped by the winter that would not end, here at Nutek we’ve been actively going out and promoting our new offerings. This past February, we networked among thousands of event exhibitors at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA. The event was a huge success, and we look forward to next year’s show from February 10-12, 2015.

Until then, we’ll be keeping ourselves busy with a host of other activities and events. This month, for example, we have two exciting shows taking place the same day! BIOMEDevice Boston is another MD&M event that will bring us over to the East Coast, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. It will take place March 26-27, 2014 and will bring together hundreds of exhibitors in the medical device industry. We’ll be showing off our medical product sterilization services at Booth #738. There will also be a variety of 2-hour Learning Labs for participants to take part in, in addition to a speed networking event, and free admission to three other events collocated with BIOMEDevice Boston.

Also taking place on March 26, 2014 will be the Fifth Annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference taking place at San Jose State University. We are proudly sponsoring this educational event, which will include numerous distinguished speakers and industry panels.

Rounding out the list of upcoming events, MD&M Texas is taking place May 7-8, 2014 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Speakers include C-level executives at premier health and medical industry organizations, and Learning Labs include Rapid Ideation & Prototyping: Driving Speed to Market, 3D Printing Strategies, and more.

If you’ll be attending any of these events and would like to meet us there, let us know on Twitter! We look forward to seeing you!

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Decontaminating Lab Supplies, Disposables and Consumables

education,fotolia,healthcare,hospitals,labcoat,laboratories,medical,pharmacists,professionals,science,scrubsIn both the medical and general scientific research communities, the importance of having contaminant-free lab equipment, instruments and products can’t be overstated. If any part of the testing chain is contaminated – pipette tips, vials, Petri dishes, assay plates, etc. – it can throw off all the data and make it unusable. Rather than take this risk, it’s important to ensure that all materials are made contaminant-free.

In particular, ensuring that materials are RNase free and DNase free is vitally important. These substances can degrade the very RNA and DNA samples being tested if they are present in or on any of the testing materials. For example, if a researcher is running a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to amplify their genetic sample for more accurate testing, they’ll need to provide RNase free PCR tubes, among other items. RNase contamination can come from innumerable sources, so all testing equipment and products must be properly sterilized and RNase free.

For RNase and DNase free products, disposables and consumables that are labelled as sterilized or sterilized processed, the sterilization processing must be validated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10 to the negative 6, meaning that contamination must statistically not exceed 1 per million devices or lower. To achieve this validation standard for medical devices, electron beam (E-beam) irradiation and Gamma sterilization are often used.

Companies that do not label their lab products as sterilized or sterilized processed will still need assurance and be able to provide their customers assurance that their lab consumables and disposables are contaminant free. In this case, processing their product to achieve a SAL of 10 to the negative 3 or one per thousand devices is acceptable with data and monitoring of manufacturing process is in place to assure this SAL is achieved on an ongoing basis.

And as important as it is to sterilize lab products, disposable and consumables, it is just as important to perform sterility testing and verification dose calculations to verify the effectiveness of the sterilization procedure.

For more information and to request a quote for lab product decontamination or medical device sterilization, please contact NUTEK online.

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Nutek Looks Back on the Big Trade Shows of 2013

As 2013 ends, we thought it would be a great time to look back on some of the shows and conferences we attended this past year. As always, we’ve worked hard to stay ahead of the technological curve, by attending and showing at as many industry gatherings as possible. These events are also a fantastic way to keep in touch with our clients and industry peers. Out of all the shows from 2013, three stand out in particular.

  • MD&M Minneapolis 2013

Hosted by the amazing folks at MedTechWorld (http://ubmmedtechworld.com/), MD&M Minneapolis is one of the most important industry shows we attend.  Held each year at the Minneapolis Convention Center, this year’s show, which ran from October 29-30, included 600+ MedTech suppliers, 85+ presentations, and 5,000 attendees (http://www.canontradeshows.com/expo/minn13/). For Nutek, it was a perfect opportunity to share our unique sterilization services with a wide array of peers and customers. We plan on attending and exhibiting at the 2014 edition of MD&M Minneapolis, which will be held October 29-30.

  • Marcus Evans Medical Device Manufacturing  and R&D Summit 2013

This unique event, which was held at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach November 18-19, was the perfect mix of formal and informal networking and educational sessions. All of the top names in the medical device industry attended, and the summit gave us a chance to meet one-on-one with potential customers. We will be attending the 2014 edition, which will run June 26-27 at the Red Rock Resort & Spa in Las Vegas.

  • BIOMEDevice San Jose

Put on by the same organization behind MD&M Minneapolis, MedTechWorld, BIOMEDevice is both an exhibition and educational show. This year’s show, which just ended December 5, included 350+ MedTech suppliers, 2,000 attendees, and 60 presenters. One of the unique parts of BIOMEDevice is the 2-day Wireless Medical Device West Conference. This show within a show allowed us to learn all the latest info about this burgeoning part of the biomedical device market. The 2014 edition will be held the same time next year, December 3-4.

In the end, despite having slightly different formats and focuses, all three of these shows allowed Nutek to learn and share new technologies and connect with new and current customers. If you want to learn more about our experiences at these show, or how you can join us at any one of them in 2014, please contact us today!

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Sterilizing Sensitive Materials Using E-Beam Technique

Petri DishesFor the medical device, pharmaceutical, and other related industries, Electron Beam (E-beam) has long been a reliable form of sterilization for various products. However, sterilization options have been very limited for more sensitive materials, including biologic agents. For this reason, Nutek has unveiled a new sterilization technique to address these challenges.

SmartDose™ opens the door to sterilizing sensitive materials and complex devices using the well established E-beam method. The new system allows one product to receive different irradiation doses in different locations at the same time. In addition, products can be maintained at very low temperatures during the process, keeping temperature-sensitive materials stable.

This new sterilization process has proven more effective than other options, increasing sterilization success by up to 67%, and has created the ability to sterilize products that until now could not be sterilized by EO, Gamma or E-beam. Customers have also reported reduction of waste by up to 40% compared to previous methods and modalities used in previous routine sterilization of their products and devices.

For some sensitive materials, this is the first sterilization option that can actually be applied without compromising the product. SmartDose™ sterilization technology is truly going to change the medical technology and research field. It is ideal for implantable devices and combination drug/biologic devices, hydrogels, bioabsorbables, allograft tissue, advanced polymers, biomaterials and more.

For researchers in the biotech industry, this technology will allow products to be safely delivered to the public at a lower cost and much quicker turnaround time. To learn more about the technique and Nutek’s capabilities, please contact us online. You can also follow us on Twitter for additional company updates and industry trends. We look forward to hearing from you!

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California Becomes the Hub for MedTech Innovation

Health imageWhile most industries have suffered from decreased investment over the last year, digital health startups are defying the odds. New companies in this field have seen funding up 12% over 2012. In the first half of 2013 alone, $849 million in investments were poured into 94 digital health initiatives within 90 companies.

Remote patient monitoring represented the bulk of funding, with $102 million all together. And regionally, California came out on top with 31% of all deals.

This isn’t the only medtech news coming from the state. A number of programs and initiatives are underway to promote healthcare technology research and growth.

For example, California is home to an incubator program at the Fogarty Institute in Mountain Valley that mentors medical innovators. Five companies were selected to join the two-and-a-half year program recently. The companies selected receive support from lawyers, business people, and clinical mentors.

Since 2007, three companies that went through the Fogarty Institute’s program ended up receiving first-round funding. The combination of guidance and resources is a huge help to budding startups with radical ideas to change the face of medicine, but need some direction to get there.

The largest EMS company based in California is also making strides into the future by incorporating software to provide electronic medical records instead of the old-fashioned paper based model. The company behind this software, Beyond Lucid Technologies, is also based in Northern California. A major strength of the system is that it can work without a network connection, which is essential in the case of a natural disaster that would otherwise cripple infrastructure.

The above examples represent just a snapshot of the work going on in California’s medical technology sector. It’s clear that this state is the epicenter of medtech advancement, and we’re excited to take part in the process.

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Ebeam VS EtO – Which Sterilization Process is Right for Your Product?

Before delving into the benefits of each sterilization procedure, it’s important to understand how each one works. Ethylene Oxide (EtO) functions by replacing hydrogen atoms on molecules including proteins and DNA. This disruption proves lethal to unwanted organisms (in this case, bacteria and other microbes). Electron beam (E-beam) begins with high energy electrons that collide with local electrons to break the DNA of target microbes, thus eliminating them.

Since both procedures produce the same result, how can one decide which to use? The main consideration lies in the product being sterilized, rather than the technique itself. For example, EtO is ideally suited to semiconductor sterilization. It is also very effective for complex structures, getting into every possible space.

E-beam can be used for a wide range of products as well, and is often applied to medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. It is a very quick process, taking mere minutes to sterilize a small batch of material. It also doesn’t require a quarantine period after treatment, since the process is over once the beam is turned off. For this reason, E-beam is an ideal option for products that require a fast turn-around time.

Both methods require product validation before use (both of which take a number of weeks to complete), and both are followed by a quality assurance certification. E-beam is typically a much faster process from start to finish, but both methods have their place in the sterilization industry.

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How Small Scale Innovation Reaps Big Rewards

In the May issue of the journal Medical Care, a study was published that found physician entrepreneurs responsible for numerous patents in the medical device space. Having extensive experience in medicine, these entrepreneurs produce startups that are familiar with current challenges and limitations, and have the know-how needed to solve them.

Startups foster innovation for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that they are often founded in response to a specific problem. The entrepreneurs behind them are driven to answer the tough questions that have plagued their careers. They are motivated, focused, and creative. So it’s no surprise that these startups are often attractive not only to the patent office, but to investors and larger companies, as well.

Working with medical device startups carries myriad benefits. First, you get to contribute to major breakthroughs by providing complementary services. Second, if the startup succeeds, they’ll likely continue using your offering (probably at a greater scale as their business grows). Third, successful startups often find the attention of much larger companies, resulting in occasional acquisitions. This in itself can very quickly expand your network. It also validates that your business is a trusted provider in the industry, since you now work with such high-profile companies.

By contributing to the success of small companies, you provide an avenue for them to contribute to the success of your own company. Consider it an investment of your resources, for an eventual payout of increased business and credibility.

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